Columbia Technical, LLC: Wastewater Treatment Plants


» Aid in preparation of documentation, or collect data for wastewater discharge permitting including: 

     – required construction permits 
     – operating permits 
     – special or required reports.

» Sample collection completed pursuant to Department of Ecology (DOE) and Federal rules.

» Preparation and submittal of monthly operational reports (DMRs).

» Analyses for operational controls such as chlorine residual, BOD, COD, turbidity, hardness, jar testing and other related activities performed as required or recommended.

» Maintenance of pumps and pump stations.

» Maintenance of the transport (collection) system.

» Maintenance of spare parts inventories.

» Maintenance of required operating records and reports.

» Correction oversight of any maintenance and operational problems.

» Emergency operating plans.

» Preventive maintenance.

» Communication with regulatory agencies and proper reporting.

» Be available during an emergency to work with the Washington DOE, District Health Department or other federal, state or local agencies until the problem is resolved and the operations are returned to normal.

Columbia Technical, LLC: Onsite Septic


» Site assessments by a Certified Professional Soil Scientist